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IRC - Connecting to Intersocs

IRC – Connecting To #Intersocs

User Accounts

If you do not already have a user account for UCC Netsoc’s services, sign up at https://admin.netsoc.co/register

You will need a user account before continuing with this document.


If this is your first time, please read the entirety of the document as we do not provide support as of yet.

  1. SSH into Leela with your user credentials: ssh USERNAME@leela.netsoc.co
  2. Access your Weechat IRC screen: irc
  3. /connect netsoc.co
  4. /join uccnetsoc
  5. /join intersocs
  6. When you’re finished, hit ctrl + a + d

What is IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a chat protocol that allows us to communicate with all the networking/computer societies on the Intersocs network.

What The Fuck Is Intersocs?

Intersocs is a network of IRC “peers” that facilitates communication with the following societies:

  • Redbrick (DCU Netsoc)
  • TCD Netsoc
  • DUCSS (Dublin University Computer Science Society)
  • Skynet (UL Netsoc)
  • DIT Netsoc
  • UCD Netsoc (Coming Soon…)
  • NCI Netsoc (Coming Soon…)
  • NUIG CompSoc (Coming Soon…)

Logging in (SSH)

The first thing we’re going to need to do, is actually log into Leela (our primary user server). To do this, we’ll use Secure Shell (SSH).

Mac OSX / Linux

SSH clients come preinstalled on all versions of Mac OSX and Linux. To start using it, open up your terminal/console/command prompt of some kind, replace USERNAME with your username and execute the following command:

ssh USERNAME@leela.netsoc.co

You’ll then be prompted for your password.


You’ll need to install some kind of SSH client for windows. We recommend using PuTTY.

To use, PuTTY, I’d recommend this tutorial.

You’ll need the following details:

hostname: 	leela.netsoc.co
username: 	YOUR_USERNAME
port: 		22


The screen command is what’s known as a \texit{terminal multiplexer} (or “mux”). What it does is it creates multiple windows for you to run different commands or leave commands running. It’s useful if you want to leave something connected but still want to be able to log out.

We’re going to use screen to keep a permanently connected irc client running for whenever you log in.

Our irc command

When you log in, you’re automatically given a .profile file with some predefined commands. One of those commands is irc.

What happens is that when you log in, we automagically create a screen for you (if it isn’t running already) and we alias} “\inlinecode{irc” to attach you to that screen.

Manually Creating A Screen

You can also manually create screens yourself. Below is part of the example .profile we give everyone. You only need to concern yourself with lines 2 and 5.

if ! screen -list | grep -q "irc"; then
        screen -dmS irc bash -c 'weechat'

alias irc="screen -r irc"

screen -dmS irc bash -c 'weechat'

Here we’re:

  1. creating a screen
  2. telling it to run in the background
  3. naming it “irc”
  4. executing the command bash -c 'weechat' – you can leave this blank and it will run a bash shell by default

alias irc="screen -r irc"

This line simply aliases the command irc to command screen -r irc. We can attach ourselves to any named screen using the syntax screen -r NAME

Okay… I want to leave. Now what?

To detach from any screen, simply hit ctrl + a + d and you’ll be returned to your original terminal.


This is it, the bit you’ve all been waiting for.

Once you’ve connected to your IRC screen (that’s running Weechat), you will need to connect to our netsoc server with the following command:

/connect netsoc.co

Congrats, you’re now connected! Start out by typing /join uccnetsoc and /join intersocs When you’re done

Simply ctrl + a + d to detach from your screen and type logout to leave the server.